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Get the results you want, with the care you deserve.

Exclusive, appointment only physical therapy and wellness for active adults

Getting you better is great, keeping you that way is better

It is frustrating when you’re in pain and can’t do what you want. We are here to take away that frustration and eliminate the pain, so you can continue to do what you love.

It’s time to stop letting the pain control you, and put you back in the driver’s seat.

Synergy Physical Therapy offers 1-on-1 expert care tailored to you and 24/7 direct communication with your Doctor of Physical Therapy who strives to get you better fast, and keep you that way.

Our 3 Step Process


This is why you’re here. Getting that pain under control is key. With a combination of hands on manual therapy, personalized exercise prescription, and/or dry needling it is possible you will feel better in as little as one appointment.

RESTORE strength

Now that the pain is manageable, we will work with you to learn the appropriate strengthening techniques to keep the pain away and get you closer to returning to what you love to do.


You have the pain under control and you’ve learned the best strengthening strategies, now it’s time to learn how to correctly maximize your movement during play.

Are you ready to be pain free?

Whether it’s playing a specific sport, enjoying a hobby, or keeping up with your kids or grandkids - you deserve to have the freedom to do it all, without pain.

With performance-based physical therapy and wellness at Synergy, we help get residents of NW OKC, Edmond, and surrounding areas back to doing what they love, even after failed attempts with other common approaches such as traditional PT, Chiropractic, or other methods.

Synergy Physical Therapy - Bennett and Kelsey Rader - Oklahoma City, OK - pain free
What you get with Synergy Physical Therapy

We are results driven and focus on a combination of client specific hands-on techniques, dry needling, and therapeutic exercise/stretching in order to get to where you want to be – active and pain free.

Session details

Direct 1 on 1, hour long sessions under the care and supervision of your Doctor of Physical Therapy.

Dry Needling

Involves the insertion of a very small monofilament needle (acupuncture needle) through the skin into a muscle or muscles in order to release tension (shortened/tight muscle fibers), increase blood flow to the region, and decrease pain, while promoting healing via a reset of the pain cycle.

Personalized exercise prescription designed for YOU!

Let us create your individual recipe to get you back to your best life. Specific exercises and stretches will be provided that are designed for your unique needs with video walkthroughs that you will have access to at any time.


We are here to guide and coach you through the recovery process. Your therapist will answer any questions related to your health and wellness, and will make sure everything is crystal clear when it comes to maintaining your new pain free lifestyle.

24/7 access to your Doctor of Physical Therapy

All Synergy clients receive 24/7 access to their therapist via text messaging.

We treat the whole client aka YOU!

We go beyond just your injury and pain. We address all variables that can affect your recovery including your workouts, your sleep, your nutrition, and more.